The Faculty of Education and Fine Arts, originally the Department of Education affiliated with the Faculty of Arts, was established in the academic year 1988/1989 with three major departments: Education, Fine Arts, and Physical Education.
In the academic year 1991/1992, the Faculty was organized into three academic departments: Curriculum and Instruction, Counseling and Educational Psychology, and Educational Administration and Foundations of Education under the administrative responsibility of the Dean of Education.  The departments of Fine Arts and Physical Education were both separated and made into faculties in 1992/1993 and 2001/2002, respectively.  In the academic year 2006/2007, the Elementary Education Department was born to form the fourth department in the faculty. 

The Faculty has a host of high-tech facilities, such as computer, counseling, measurement and evaluation, and micro teaching laboratories, which are used by both students and faculty members to improve the quality of learning and instruction.
With a faculty of 107 members and a students body of 4163, the Faculty maintains a continuing central role in preparing educational professionals and providing programs of service to local and regional school systems. With a dominant emphasis on graduate education, it offers a host of graduate and undergraduate programs and provides pre- and in- service training for teachers, supervisors, administrators, and researchers.  Moreover, it offers consultations, workshops, seminars and extracurricular activities to the local community, not to mention the role it plays in curriculum design and development and writing textbooks in Jordan and other Arab countries.
The faculty, which was originally a department affiliated with the faculty of Arts, was established in 1988, subsequent to a University Council Decision.  At present, the faculty comprises the following four major departments:

  1. Curriculum & Instruction. 
  2. Counseling & Educational Psychology. 
  3. Educational Administration & foundations of Education. 
  4. Elementary Education



A distinguished faculty of prestige locally and regionally in education, scientific research and community service .



Providing the most developed academic programs for the preparation of an outstanding educational employees, effective use of scientific research in the development of the educational process, solving its problems, and providing quality consulting and specialized services needed by the community institutions.


Strategic Plan